Will the wind farm be visible from shore?

The site location was selected to minimize its impacts on marine life, commercial fishing and its visibility from shore. Its L-shape configuration alters its distances from shore locations as follows:

  • 32.7 nmi – is the length of the cable that will carry generated electricity to the water outflow tunnel on the north side of Morro Rock.
  • 25.1 nmi to Pt. Estero
  • 33.6 nmi to Los Osos
  • 21.5 nmi to Cambria

The OWTG placed on either the Hywind or the WindFloat FOWS will be approximately 400 feet (120 m) above the sea level.  Based on the Coast Guard Light List volume Vi, Pacific Coast and Pacific Islands (http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/pdf/lightlists/lightlist%20v6.pdf) 400 feet tall structures will not be visible by an observer at the sea level at distances greater than 23.4 nmi.   The project’s navigational lights may be visible from certain shore vantage points on a very clear night.

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